Anni Sayers

Anni Sayers currently studies and lives in London. The images for the exhibition were made using ink and water by wetting areas of the paper, dropping ink on randomly and then seeing what shapes emerge. Once the ink dries Anni works on top of it, picking out particular figures and adding narratives. The drawings are influenced by Anni’s surroundings; the artefacts, characters and moods feed into the abstract scenes created. Anything from her magination is inspired by things that Anni does and sees and often by something as simple as a texture of a material, or the posture of a passerby that will initiate a piece of work. Anni says:

‘For the simple reason that the ink and water is unpredictable I find working in this way engaging. The fact that I don’t know what the outcome will be until I start making is a process that keeps me pleasantly surprised’..

We were happy & honoured that Anni was our first Artist in Residency in 2014 and showed her work in the gallery August 9-10.