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Many thanks

to all the folk who helped craft the Sugar Cube space in 2015
& special thanks to Becky.

A few images from the year & this beautiful island:

From now to Summer 2016 the place is incubating words, wild women, boys and men.

Artisan Collective # 2


After a brilliant first show over the Labour Day weekend, the Artisan Collective returns:

December 5th & 6th

For more information: http://bowenartisans.com/new-index/#intro-1-1


Artisan Collective # 1

The inaugural show of extraordinary talent from this grass-roots collective:

Labour Day Long Weekend, September 5th – 7th.

Click on the images below to see work by Kirsten Degner, Joy Jubenvill, Aileen & Jason Vantomme, Kathy Clarke and Emily Jubenvill.