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Many thanks

to all the folk who helped craft the Sugar Cube space in 2015
& special thanks to Becky.

A few images from the year & this beautiful island:

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From now to Summer 2016 the place is incubating words, wild women, boys and men.

Lantern Gathering

On Friday, July 24th Wendy & Russell Hackney served Pimms and cucumber sandwiches.

As dusk fell, the Gallery became a cathedral of light, each flame held in one of Russell’s perfect porcelain lanterns.

Photographing the event was Peter Williamson and we are grateful to him for letting us show those photographs here. To view in a larger format, click on the images.

Russell Hackney

On the evening of July 24th a Lantern Gathering will illuminate the Sugar Cube Space
with these beautiful porcelain pieces.

On the weekend of July 25th & 26th the Gallery will show new and old work from
Russell Hackney, master-ceramicist & Bowen Island resident.


Russell states:

If all art is in some way a reaction, then the pursuit of beauty is my reaction to the world around me. Where nature is at its most memorable, I draw inspiration from it. In response to the bland or ugly, I react by wanting to create something beautiful.Beauty calls us to itself. It halts us in our daily routine and just for a moment all distractions, all opinions, are silenced—beauty becomes the unifier.
I enjoy the process of creation, be it my own artwork or someone else’s vision. Working with customers to get their ideas into production has always been a big part of my working life—from the traditional large pottery companies in my native city of Stoke-on-Trent, England, to creative entrepreneurs from Europe and North America.
With over 20 years’ experience in the making of pottery I have been part of some challenging and exciting work, including modelling a figurative clock presented to Her Majesty the Queen. Every new idea a client brings into my studio here in Vancouver, BC is the start of a great creative journey.

For more information and inspiration please visit the artist’s website: