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Russell Hackney

On the evening of July 24th a Lantern Gathering will illuminate the Sugar Cube Space
with these beautiful porcelain pieces.

On the weekend of July 25th & 26th the Gallery will show new and old work from
Russell Hackney, master-ceramicist & Bowen Island resident.


Russell states:

If all art is in some way a reaction, then the pursuit of beauty is my reaction to the world around me. Where nature is at its most memorable, I draw inspiration from it. In response to the bland or ugly, I react by wanting to create something beautiful.Beauty calls us to itself. It halts us in our daily routine and just for a moment all distractions, all opinions, are silenced—beauty becomes the unifier.
I enjoy the process of creation, be it my own artwork or someone else’s vision. Working with customers to get their ideas into production has always been a big part of my working life—from the traditional large pottery companies in my native city of Stoke-on-Trent, England, to creative entrepreneurs from Europe and North America.
With over 20 years’ experience in the making of pottery I have been part of some challenging and exciting work, including modelling a figurative clock presented to Her Majesty the Queen. Every new idea a client brings into my studio here in Vancouver, BC is the start of a great creative journey.

For more information and inspiration please visit the artist’s website: